Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Customer Spotlight - Garage Living Room

Today, we'd like to show you one of our favorite jobs in recent memory. This job comes to us out of Long Beach. One of our repeat customers came to us with a unique request. He mentioned that he had a fairly large garage and was only using half of it for his car and his storage. The other half was dusty and dirty and a complete waste of space.

Together with the client, we decided to turn the other half in to a beautiful den / relaxation area. It ended up being an extremely fun project, as well as being fairly cost effective. All it took was some new lighting, new drywall, a fresh coat of paint, and a beautiful floor to finish it off.

The floor he chose was a combination ceramic tile and laminate floor which looked absolutely stunning when completed. The entire floor from wall to wall came to a grand total of a very reasonable $1,500. While it may have been low cost, this floor is created to be extremely durable and will last for years to come withstanding all types of abuse.

Now, our client hangs out here nightly with his friends after a long day of work. He told us "I now have a large open area to entertain guests and it's extremely comfortable. I'm very pleased."

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